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.smart .simple .mobile is a project, system and model for a school of thought called Adaptism, which is an approach to living & thriving in the 21st Century. It has to do with how we think - and how we need to think in this modern time.

Both are part of a broader community called
Screwball Universe City. A virtual place to tune and connect our thinking (and collectively improve the world)

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As Richard Florida notes in his book
The Great Reset - our times are “reshaping virtually every aspect of our lives—from how and where we live to how we work - to how we invest in individuals and infrastructure, and how we shape our cities and regions.”

Cleveland, Ohio from the East
Just one city & region experiencing major change

More than ever before, new modes of living, working, playing & relating are required.
It’s about granting ourselves permission to do what we are meant to do. Living Consciously, with Clarity & Choice.

Gain insights through story telling, interviews, writings, speaking, and more. The book is on it’s way.

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